Katriona E MacMillan also creates Search Engine Optimisation articles, develops Web Content, delivers product reviews and is available for hire at a rate of £10 GBP per hour. A typical hour will produce two - three 500 word articles, depending on content and research needs.

Katriona also takes on editing work and is pleased to announce that she is currently working on a poetry collection for Lanark based Mental Health Awareness and Peer Support Charity: ESTEEM Clydesdale. As a flagrant supporter of their work, Katriona sells copies of her novels through the Charity's premises in Lanark, where clients can receive a discount and where 40% of every sale is given to ESTEEM in charitable donations.

"There's A Reason For Tomorrow" was on a USB stick that was anonymously delivered to ESTEEM HQ. The USB contained a foreword telling them to publish it and use the funds to continue the important work that they do. The document also contained a hundred pages of poetry, and since they happened to know a writer they got Katriona to put it together for them. Aside from Amazon's share for printing, one hundred percent of the proceeds from buying this book will go back into the charity, and will help to support people in need in the Clydesdale area. With special, extra grateful thanks to the anonymous Poet; "There's a Reason for Tomorrow" is now available in the Amazon Store, which you can reach by following the link below.

Katriona is also working in collaboration with the Manual Daniel team, whose first issue of "Daniel's Annual Glamping Manual" is currently in the final stages of editing, and will be subject to the proof reading process soon!

Katriona edits other projects in the Glamping industry because why not? In June/July 2018 she was delighted to work with Rob Farrow of the Glamping Association to turn his LEGAL (that's "The Legislative Essentials for Glamping Accomodation Lodgings", for short) Guide into book format.

In June 2018 she was also delighted to work with mental health writer K C Crawford to put together an interesting book entitled "101 Self-Care Suggestions" the aim of which is to help people suffering from mental ill health take better care of themselves. Interestingly, this book should be kept to hand and flipped open to a random page when needed. Activities on the chosen page should be followed to encourage better mental well-being. Katriona says this is her favourite project so far.

Katriona loves collaborative work and, even if she isn't interested in your idea she promises to always hear you out. Ideas for collaborative work can be pitched using the button below, keywords to peak her interest include 'horror' and 'royalties'.

As if that weren't enough work: Katriona also has free time enough to work on Short Stories, and is lucky enough to be featured in a few anthologies. You can pick up your copy of "Unleashing the Voices Within" courtesy of Stitched Smile Publications by following this link. You can purchase a copy of the Almond Press' "Apocalypse Chronicles", featuring Katriona's work, here. Katriona's work can also be found in "Fangs and Broken Bones: A Feed Your Monster Anthology.", published by Rinoa Cameron.