The Dark Science Series

The Dark Science Series is the gripping fantasy epic that tells the extraordinary tale of how magic left our world. It is set here, on Earth, thousands of years in the past – before the plates ever even separated and the continents were formed. Before there were dinosaurs and before there was evolution... there was life. Just not as we know it.

Edelweiss: Dark Science, part one, tells the tale of a young protagonist troubled by the burden of a broken family. Abigail Jones, possibly mad scientist, emerges after a tormented childhood in a blind effort to escape fate... only to lose her way and stumble farther and farther from sanity. Rescued by her worthy and steadfast butler (who really needs to shave) the pair embark on a profoundly idiotic journey likely to either kill them or save them. Abigail Jones and Stephen Laurence set out to survive, with absolutely no intentions of changing the flow of universal energy whatsoever... By the conclusion of Edelweiss we become well aware that if anyone can interfere and mess up enough to bring the entirety of magic to its knees- then it's going to be these two, all that remains to be seen is what ridiculously convoluted path they have to follow to get there.

Valerian: Dark Science, part two, follows Abigail, Stephen and company as they find themselves somehow fleeing a war, an army of Estoran Soul Thieves hot on their heels and literally being chased by the stuff of nightmares. Their only refuge is the army – but will they be welcomed or killed? As the blue-black veil of death magic descends over their home islands there is little they can do but to survive and to hop from one problematic situation to another. Abigail expands her repertoire from mad scientist to mad dark scientist (which is generally terrible for everybody) and Stephen spends most of the novel trying to protect her from herself. When the dark Lord himself finally comes calling nobody is prepared – and we gradually realise that not everything is as it initially seemed. From there on in our heroes lives take a downward spiral and they must flee once more, or all will be lost.

Quicksilver: Dark Science, part three... will be released on 31st August, 2018...

At the height of darkness, in the middle of a war, in the face of adversity- that is where we found hope. It is where Stephen Laurence found the will to fight, to struggle and to overcome. The path behind them is burning, Calle is under threat... The Blight scars the islands and festers in everything once alive there and Abigail Jones—the girl with two souls—is Missing Presumed Dead.

Join me reader, for the third instalment of the Dark Science series. Let us edge closer to discovering the old man's secrets together. Let us approach the abyss side-by-side and hand-in-hand. Let me tell you a tale of death and destruction, magic and myth- a tale borne from legend. Come on my quest with me, live with the biting insects and the perpetual hunger, with the lack of running water and with the river as your washbasin. Experience what I have experienced to find the answer to the one single question that started all of this:

How did magic leave our world?

I (for one) remain unsure...but I know an elder that lived through it. Learn with me as he spills his soul all over the pages.

Blood on the Water: Dark Science, part four... is still being written. Don't worry; Katriona is just as anxious to find out how it ends as everyone else is and further details will be announced soon...