Author and Freelance Writer

Katriona E MacMillan is an author and Freelance Writer based in South Lanarkshire, Scotland. Her work is mainly speculative fiction based but she has been known to bridge into other genres. Katriona is the author of the 'Dark Science' series, the gripping Dark Fantasy tale about how magic left our world, described as 'edge of the seat' reading. She tends to have a very tongue-in-cheek style and likes to think of herself as 'Terry Pratchett meets Stephen King'... Incidentally two of her greatest influences.

To give one last impression of who Katriona is as a writer; she once tried to write a Rom Com and ended up with a stalker and murder-suicide. She would argue that the drama lies in the heartache and that true character can only be revealed when one is stripped of everything they hold dear. The truth of the matter is she's just a little bit twisted. It's alright though... It always makes for quite a good story.

Katriona is currently expanding into web content, SEO articles and other “writery” stuff... since dreams are great and all but they don't pay very well...